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Recommendations to provinces, territories, and municipalities

The National Housing Strategy Act recognizes housing as a human right for everyone in Canada, and makes the progressive realization of this right the basis for all housing policy.

All orders of government, including provinces, territories, and municipalities, have an obligation to protect, respect, and fulfill the human right to housing within their areas of jurisdiction. They must implement effective measures, using the maximum of available resources and employing all appropriate means, to realize the right to adequate housing in the shortest possible time, giving priority to those in greatest need.

For provinces and territories, this means:

For municipalities, this means:

In the coming year, the Federal Housing Advocate will continue to work with provinces, territories, and municipalities to support them in advancing the right to housing, and to ensure that the federal government is providing the resources and powers sub-national governments need in order to uphold their human rights obligations.

Annex B – The Federal Housing Advocate’s final recommendations.